The research focused on exploring the concept of purity and how it can be visually represented in branding. The concept for Kitu Skin Care Line emerged. The idea revolves around nature's purity and healing properties for the skin. The product range will consist of high-quality, natural ingredients sourced ethically and sustainably
The logo for Kitu Skin Care Line was designed to embody the brand's essence. It features a clean and modern typeface, reflecting the brand's contemporary approach to skincare. The use of bold letterforms signifies confidence and captures attention. A stylized leaf element was incorporated to evoke a sense of freshness and purity, symbolizing the natural ingredients used in the products. The color palette chosen consists of fresh and soothing shades, such as pastel greens and whites, further emphasizing the brand's commitment to natural goodness.
Web & Mobile
The Kitu Skin Care Line website design and marketing collateral follow the same clean and modern aesthetic. The website is user-friendly and visually engaging, allowing customers to explore the product range easily. High-quality product imagery, accompanied by informative and exciting content, helps convey the brand's message of purity and natural skincare. Social media marketing strategies are implemented to promote the brand, including collaborations with influencers who align with Kitu's values.
Black Edition
The product packaging design for Kitu Skin Care Line aligns with the logo and brand concept. The packaging utilizes eco-friendly materials, such as recycled paper or glass, to reinforce the brand's commitment to sustainability. The use of minimalist and clean design elements ensures that the packaging remains fresh, modern, and visually appealing. Subtle organic textures and patterns are incorporated to create a tactile experience and reinforce the brand's connection with nature.
Kitu Skin Care Line was created with a focus on purity, freshness, and modernity, inspired by the success of brands like Lush. The logo, packaging, website, and marketing collateral were designed to reflect these core values, with a clean, bold, and modern aesthetic. The brand aims to provide customers with a range of natural skin care products that promote healthy and radiant skin while being environmentally conscious.
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