The objective is to create a distinct and compelling identity for SYNTH, the rebirth of ARP Instruments, founded in 1969. The design should reflect the synthesizer's all-white aesthetic while paying homage to the nostalgia of the iconic ARP Odyssey. The identity and branding should capture the essence of innovation, craftsmanship, and musical exploration.
The SYNTH logo embraces simplicity and elegance. The typography combines a modern sans-serif typeface with slight angular elements reminiscent of the classic ARP logo. The letterforms are clean, bold, and streamlined, representing the synthesizer's contemporary appeal. The logo's use of white or metallic silver adds a touch of sophistication and enhances its standout quality.
The interface utilizes a minimalist design with a predominantly white background, allowing the synthesizer and its features to stand out. Crisp product images, intuitive navigation, and interactive elements create an engaging journey for visitors to explore the SYNTH brand and its offerings.
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